Using a card strategy to keep in touch with your customers ... starting with Easter!

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

I’ve been thinking a lot about gestures lately. Reaching out. Keeping in touch. Staying connected.

We’re all collectively trying to find the right words—and ways—to be present, mindful, helpful and positive in the moment. And outside of family, friend and colleagues, those of us with businesses have customers to consider, too, and how we treat these relationships right now.

All of this inspired today’s blog post focused on one RIGHT NOW solution that will ensure your customers know you’re thinking of them—social distancing and all.

A card strategy is when a person or company sends tactful cards (think professional greeting cards) to prospects or customers using relevant and planned information around events, promotions, important announcements or special / critical dates to remember.

Industries like real estate currently use this approach to get in front of prospects, current and former customers so the agent is top-of-mind before a customer is ready to buy.

Among other benefits? This approach builds even better customer relationships in the long-run, helps increase engagement and overall sales.

Any one of these topic ideas can help you plan and kick-off a card program:

· Just because

Given the current circumstances, sharing an inspirational or motivational “just because” card with your clients is a great way to show your genuine support, no-strings-attached.

· Company announcements or big changes

· New in town

· New products or services

· New or easier / improved ways to book cleaning appointments

· Changes to products or services

· Holidays

· Seasonal events like Spring Cleaning

· Client anniversaries

· Client birthdays

· Social media holidays (if they apply to your business)

Considering sending a card on Easter? Here’s a few of my FAVORITE unique greeting cards from other small businesses:

· lovepop—pop up cards

· Copendium—inspirational, motivational and “just because” pop-open cards

· postable—beautiful, simple designs

· Bas Bleu—scented cards

· Swishseals—scented seals for envelopes

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Sending my best!


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