The power of smell in marketing

Scents are a powerful thing 👃They can evoke positive (or negative) emotions. They create an immediate reaction. And, smells can even trigger memories.

To put all of this into focus, the Smell Institute claims people can recognize approximately 10,000 different odors and also, can recall 65 percent of past smells compared to visuals.

If you consider the facts, scent marketing can play a positive role in your marketing program. And that's whether you leave a little something behind for a prospect you're trying to impress or a long-time customer.

Here's just a few ways you can leave your mark:

✅ Scratch and sniff business cards, post cards or other leave-behinds

✅ Custom-branded perfume from companies like Hawthorne or Tailor Made

✅ Scented diffuser sticks

✅ Branded and scented stickers

You also can test your scent marketing efforts using seasonal events like Spring Cleaning or Holidays like Valentine's Day, Christmas and more to create a memorable experience for customers and prospects.

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