How communicating with your customers can help you sell more cleaning services

New clients are the lifeline of your cleaning business, no doubt.

We sometimes overlook, however, how much growth and expansion opportunities exist within our current customers.

For example, would your customers know if you launched a new service? Or—changed a process for the better?

When you create awareness around company changes or share information of interest to your customers through ongoing communications, this opens up the door for broader customer partnerships, additional business and upsell opportunities, among other benefits.

Using a few key marketing channels and avenues allowed us to further build our cleaning company’s reputation and showcase our value as a partner.

And when one large multi-tenant client of ours asked us to start bidding on construction cleans while another property manager requested specialty services—we knew we were on the right track.

Newsletter | A newsletter is the perfect outlet for sharing monthly, routine company news, announcements and updates relative to your customers that aren’t time sensitive.

E-mail blast | Unlike newsletters, e-mail blasts can be used on an as-needed basis to communicate with your customers. This might mean sharing an important or critical update, as one example, or an incentive or promotion.

Text communications | Reach customers quicker and faster with simple messages that help sell and upsell your services in a non-disruptive way. To be effective, messages should be short and concise with a specific call-to-action.

Property inspections | Use key inspection points throughout the property as a lead-in to process enhancements, company improvements or services that will positively impact your customer. It won’t feel “over-salesy,” but natural.

Grab a coffee | Face-to-face communication is falling by the wayside the busier we get. Classic for a reason, have a sit down with your customer and a candid conversation about the cleaning services. What are they seeing in the industry? What might they want you to do differently or better? If you have ways to address their pains, share it with them on-the-spot and follow up with an official communication later. It will highlight how proactive you are in addressing their needs.

Stay tuned for my next post on easy content planning tips and in the meantime, download my cheat sheet with customer communication topic ideas 😃


🧾 Customer Communications Cheat Sheet

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