Clean Marketing Q&A: VistaPrint versus Fiverr

One of the questions I regularly get from cleaning business owners often relates to VistaPrint and Fiverr. As better context, "which one should I choose for my marketing?"

They're two different platforms and I'll further explain why.


VistaPrint is a channel for printing finished or complete marketing materials. You upload your designs and choose the appropriate print medium - direct mail, brochure, flyer and so forth. They offer designs to choose from, though the selection is rather limited, especially as it relates to professional marketing materials.


Fiverr is a network of designers, writers, creatives and marketers from around the globe. It gives companies of all sizes access to more creative talent, as well as more accessible and affordable marketing solutions. Prices vary greatly and it's often up to you to connect the dots and choose the right vendors to get the work done. For example, you might find a designer with positive ratings, but he or she doesn't offer content services. You'll then need to find a copywriter to work within the confines of the design to complete your marketing material(s). Additionally, as it's a global platform, you'll need to ensure there's no language barrier or other obstacles like cultural differences in timelines, vision, deliverables and overall expectations.

Once you receive final files, you'll then identify a service (like VistaPrint) to print your marketing materials.

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