Do these six things and you’ll out-service your cleaning competitors

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

A handful of studies say cleaning companies stand to lose more than half—or about 55 percent—of their business every year due to poor customer service.

Sadly, about 68 percent of customers leave a company because they don’t believe [their vendor partners] care about them.

Those are numbers you simply can’t afford to ignore if you’re trying to build and grow a reputable business, cleaning or otherwise.

Gut check time ⌚

These six tips will help you look (or re-look) at how you’re currently servicing your customers so you can start outperforming your opponents—like yesterday 👊

Always exceed expectations. There’s the expectations driven by your cleaning spec and then there’s the standards you set for you and your team—the value-adds, if you will. Maybe it’s stopping by more frequently to check in with your property manager partner. Or, perhaps it’s asking that your staff over-communicate with maintenance as they come across property issues.

Anticipate your customer needs. Having structured systems and processes in place will put you in a proactive position, rather than a reactive one. A detailed inspection process allows for continuous improvement in which your customers can visibly see, visit after visit, the action you’re taking to care for their building—and their needs.

There's the expectations driven by your cleaning spec and then there's the standards you set for you and your team—the value-adds, if you will.

When you have to say “no,” still offer a solution to the problem. Let’s say, for example, your client requests a service you don’t offer. Save them the time and headache in trying to find a new provider and feed them a handful of companies to reach out to or, offer to do the research on their behalf. They’ll no doubt appreciate your willingness to jump in and ease their burden.

Listen to understand. It’s difficult to effectively solve a problem if you’re defensive or too focused on the outcome. Especially true when dealing with difficult clients incessant on complaining, don’t limit empathy or concern as, while an issue might be small or petty to you, it’s important to your customer.

Don’t forget passion or purpose. Showing passion for your job always leaves the best impression, whether it’s on your employees or your customers, and creates memorable results. It’s a tried and true way to stand out from the rest of the pack. In other words, just be YOU.

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