A FREE cleaning resource for your customers!

Last week I shared the do's and don'ts of communicating with your customers on social media as we continue navigating our temporary "new normal."

As business owners, it's important that we do two things right now:

1) Acknowledge current events and provide helpful information and insights our customers can apply in their everyday lives. Speak out on social media or via your customer communications, such as email and your website.

2) Strike a balance and ensure we're offering as much HOLISTIC value as possible. A little current events, few promotions and LOTS of value (non-promotional, just helpful) 🙂

The FREE resources I'm about to share with you today is a great way to start tackling the second point. Whether you're still cleaning or your services are on a temporary hold, sharing this type of content sets you up as an expert in your field.

It also shows your customers that you're not interested in overselling them every chance you get, especially critical during a sensitive time. They'll no doubt keep you top-of-mind because of it 🙌🏽

To download an e-mailable PDF, Facebook and Instagram post for sharing "around-the-house" cleaning tips (perfect as we head into the weekend), visit this link and get your FREE templates!

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